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The initiators of Verhalenbazaar —together with a lot people from Antwerp— seek hard on a solution to save this valuable property and its interior.

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Exhibition with work from Olga FILENKO in gallery Catapult. This Russian photographer graduated this year at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp. For her master project, Olga went back to her home country. During an 2-month trip across Russia, she was confronted with the ‘transience’ of her country.
Catapult, Rubenslei 10, 2018 Antwerp
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.


Flemish government selects Catapult to strengthen and harmonize graphic identity Sonian Forest

The contract includes an examination of the possibilities of harmonizing the identity of the Sonian Forest and the development of a logo.
Catapult will also examine the graphic and typographic requirements necessary for a high quality image of the Sonian Forest and the development of full signaling.
The captured graphic and typographic identity will be translated into different communication media.


Catapult Publishers

Catapult will soon publish his first book as editor in co-production with ART. The book, Nothing like the sun, by photographer Jean-Pierre STOOP contains about 40 portraits of national and international artists and is published following the exhibition of Jean-Pierre STOOP in the FoMu (PhotoMuseum of Antwerp). The exhibition runs from January 21 to March 14, 2010 in the gallery of the museum. The book will be available as from January 21 in various museums and bookshops.


Campaign De Stad van Elsschot

At the Antwerp Book Fair the program and campaign of ‘De stad van Elsschot’ was proposed. A literary festival that remembers the fiftieth anniversary of the death of William Elsschot during five months. The city of Elsschot runs from May 29, 2010 to 31 October 2010.


House style RWO


1.000.000 additional copies Kerk & Leven

Between late September and late October, no less than one million extra copies of Kerk & Leven will be distributed in Flanders and Brussels. In this way many new readers will be introduced to the new magazine. An innovation that is extended to the local pages (parochieblad) as from September 23.



Integrated2009 is a biannual international design conference that will take place in deSingel Antwerp on Thursday 22 & Friday 23 October 2009. Integrated2009 will focus on the crossover between contemporary graphic design, illustration, typo- graphy, new media, technology & art.
Up to 24 speakers —Stefan SAGMEISTER, Annelys DE VET, WESLEYWOLKMAN, MEVIS/VAN DEURSEN, David SHRIGLEY...— from different countries are expected.


Vernisage exhibition RE.‹.NION

In 1559 the diocese of Antwerp was founded and the Our Lady church acquired the status of cathedral. The prestigious exhibition RE.‹.NIE of Quinten METSEYS to Peter Paul RUBENS is the eye catcher of this celebration in the Antwerp Cathedral. Catapult was resonsibe for the graphic design.
The exhibition ‘Reunion’ in the cathedral runs from June 5 to November 15, 2009.


New lay-out Kerk & Leven

The modernization process was made after an extensive investigation which was led by Professor Jos HUYPENS of the communucation studio Communicado, that sounded out the needs and wishes of 1650 people. The survey showed that readers want shorter, more accessible articles, with more news but without losing sight of the Christian message.
Kerk & Leven is a magazine of the Flanders region with 536 local and five regional editions. The magazine has 375,000 subscribers and nearly one million readers.